detail6SY8 Productions offer a broad variety of services including:

Recording on location – we can come to you or provide a variety of venues to suit your needs whether you are a solo artist, a full Band, choir or an orchestra. Producing a recording of a large ensemble usually means an expensive visit to a big city recording studio.

However, SY8 Productions will come to you and record you at the venue of your choice/budget

jazz-combo-annual-124767064It maybe a rehearsal room or even at a live concert. If this is the case, we will need early access to enable the setting up of microphones etc and a plan of the set up is very useful for correct mic placement. We can finely tune the placement once everyone is in situ.

images-orchestra-2To summarise, besides rock, country, folk and pop bands, we also record choirs and orchestras

Editing and Mixing – we will turn your songs/compositions or demos into professional, radio ready mixes.  This can also be done via the internet.

Mastering – Master your mixes

live-room-3Recording a Demo for auditions or soloists singing to backing tracks –  simply supply your backing on CD/Wavefile (or we can source it for you or even create customised tracks in the studio) – and you sing to the accompaniment. The resulting recording is mixed. Job done!

Composition – We have written original music for varied applications over the years including music to accompany film, T.V. and radio plays.

note-musicaliWe have also worked extensively with lyric writers – basically putting their lyrics to music.

We compose the music and record it as part of the service – adding if requested, a variety of instruments including guitars, drums, percussion, electric and stand up bass, keyboards, piano, strings, brass and vocals

Voice Over – Record a voice over for an advertisement, website or audio book.

Music Tuition – To develop music theory

Guitar – Tuition -all styles £30 per hour (RGT Graded exams can be taken to Diploma level)

Production Tuition – to get the best out of your home recordings and DAW development – Logic ProX and ProTools/ H.D.

Producing – we produce artists to bring their songs to life, giving the song what it needs

Available Musicians include:

Greg Haver (drums/Production),

Charlie Baxter (Bass/Guitar/Production) –  Charlie is a multi-instrumentalist and producer skilled in rock, pop, and electronic music genres. He has worked as a producer for UK dance music label Almighty Records with over 50 remix credits including Cilla Black, LeAnn Rimes, and Hazell Dean. He is also an in-demand live and studio musician, performing with function band The Skinny Genes in venues across the country, as well as writing and performing original music with indie-rock band Oui Legionnaires. Charlie also produces electronic music under his own name and as grownuplife. He is available to contribute guitar, bass, or synthesiser parts to your recordings, and produce remixes in a variety of electronic music styles.

Rob Faulkner (Guitar/Vocals/Production)

Qariem Radix (Bass Guitar/Production)


Recording on location – £200 for 1 day session (including rough mix)

Editing, producing and Mixing 

2-10 track/stem mix £100

11-25 track/stem mix £15

26-50 track/stem mix £300

51-100 track/stem mix £500

Editing Drums – £75 per song

Mastering – Master your mixes £25 per song £100 for 5 track E.P.  £180 for 10 track album

Recording a Vocal Demo for auditions £100 per half day (usually 1-2 songs including mix and master)

Backing tracks, composing/arranging for songwriters. £200 per day

Music and production Tuition £30 per 45 mins

Voice Over – £25 per hour

Session Musicians – Prices tbc on request